Simple but Beautiful Origami Model

A Paper Folding Project

This is a really simple model, but it looks really good when completed.

I’ve made a slightly more complex version using patterned origami paper, it really shows off the interplay of light and shade:

Overview of the model

Close-up of the foldsHighlighting the contrasts

More about that paper later…


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Origami Paper from Muji


  1. trey


  2. MC


  3. Jake

    do you have a link to the instrusctions cuz’ thats cool! (\(^.^)/)

  4. i really dont like origami but my brother does so he wont stop begging me so he says its the best!!!!! 🙂 (:

  5. kevin

    hey that is really sweeat hehehehe i wish i could learn how to make one it is very neato

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