Amazingly Small Origami Crane

Checking out some links from []( I discovered the [Foldingfreaks Origami]( group on Flickr – there’s some amazing origami work there.

How about this [tiny origami crane]( – just 3mm across!

[Tiny Origami Crane on Coin](
[Tiny Origami Crane - 3mm across](

Folded from a 5.5mm square piece of tissue paper, it must require some incredibly nimble fingers to complete.

I’m off to try and find a pair of tweezers now.


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  1. sasuke

    oh my god, how the heck could anyone make that? that seems extreamly hard and i make millions of cranes

  2. joe


  3. Nathaniel


  4. Tom

    Wow, that is the smallest oragami figure I have ever seen, what kind of person made this they must have pins for fingers!!!

    -Tom ^_^

  5. david

    holy crap

  6. origami master

    i can do small cranes but no this small!

  7. Tiffany

    jesus, mary and joseph….that is freaking tiny!!!! i’m off to find a midget…..

  8. lol i thought it was a fly

  9. jesus christ,thats tiny,and its tissue paper =O

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