How to Make Square Paper for Origami

So you want to give origami a go, but you can’t get hold of any origami paper? No problem! Just follow this simple guide and you’ll be able to make your own square origami paper from any regular sheets you have lying about.

How to make a square 06

Start off with a regular sheet of paper – plain white photocopier paper is fine, although I’m using a coloured sheet here so you can see the process a bit better.

How to make a square 01

Fold the bottom left corner diagonally up to meet the top of the sheet. What was the left-hand edge of the paper should now be level with the top edge.

How to make a square 02 How to make a square 03

The best way to trim the sheet is with [a sharp knife and a steel safety ruler]( I’m using a cutting mat here to protect my table, but folded up newspaper works just as well. If you don’t have these, then fold the excess paper back and forth over the edge of the square, lick the fold to moisten it, and then carefully tear down the line. You’ll get a neater edge that way – just watch out for paper cuts.

How to make a square 04
How to make a square 04 - alternative way

That’s it- you’ve now got a square of paper, and you can go and fold some great origami models.

How to make a square 05
How to make a square 06

Just to prove you can do this with any size of sheet, I’ll do the same with the off-cut from the larger square.

Fold the corner across the paper…

How to make a square 07
How to make a square 08

…Cut or tear, and there you go – a smaller piece of square origami paper.

How to make a square 09
How to make a square 10

Enjoy making your models!


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