Month: February 2008

Wonderful papercraft games consoles and more

Papercraft Nintendo DS

Jun fron FX console dropped me a line about his site, as with all the others I’ve featured recently, the models are incredible.

I thought the gadget series was really great, the models include the Nintendo DS Lite pictured above, an Apple iPhone, Sony Vaio laptop, and for console lovers the range goes from Sony’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (with HD-DVD drive!) to the classic Atari 2600.

Make sure you check out the tutorials too, they’re handy if you want to get started making your own papercraft models.

Are you an origami nut?

Origami sphere

Karl dropped me a line about his origami blog, Origami Nut. He’s got some great stuff on there, including some nice videos demonstrating the assembly of different models. I really liked the Sphere 94 model (pictured above), designed by Heinz Strobl. It’s a great bit of modular origami and watching it go together is great.

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