Urban Paper – a book of papercraft models

Urban Paper cover

Matt Hawkins from the always excellent Paper Forest has released an awesome-looking book that has 26 papercraft models to cut out and build – and even better, it includes a DVD with all the templates in a printable format, so you don’t have to take scissors to your book. This would also be useful if you want to build an army of identical papertoys.

It’s not just sheets of models though, the first section is all about the process of designing paper models, and the rest is taken up by interviews with the designers and the models.

Here’s a brief overview video about the book:


The Paper Bird


iPhone App Review: Candy Wrapper Origami


  1. jim

    Hi, This is a greate book, but how can I buy this book from my country.

  2. shawn shollenberger

    wat is the ninja star under

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