‘Computational Origami’ Podcast – Robert J. Lang

Trying to find something to listen to? IT Conversations has [an interesting talk](http://www.itconversations.com/shows/detail660.html) by origami master Robert J. Lang.

Here’s the description:

The last decade of the twentieth century saw a revolution in the development and application of mathematical techniques to origami. Robert J. Lang describes how geometric concepts have led to the computer solution of a broad class of origami folding challenges and, as a consequence, enabled origami designs of astonishing complexity and realism to be developed.

He covers how technology and origami are affecting each other, and talks about how he used origami principles to help put a 100-metre wide lens into space by folding it to fit into a small rocket. That’s an amazing use of some ancient ideas!

Want to learn more about Robert J. Lang? [Read the Wikipedia article on him](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_J._Lang), and then [visit his site](http://www.langorigami.com/) to view [some amazing galleries](http://www.langorigami.com/art/artmain/artmain.php4) of his work (a lot of these pictures are mentioned in his talk).

Thanks to [John](http://www.cognitivefriction.net/) for the tip.


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