Sci-Fi Spaceship Papercraft Models

Macross Valkyrie Papercraft

Who doesn’t like really cool sci-fi spaceships? I certainly do, and these wonderful papercraft models look really detailed and fun to make. There’s a big selection from Star Wars, such as a TIE-Fighter and Star Destroyer, Y-wings, the Millennium Falcon, and a Sand crawler.

Star Destroyer Papercraft

If Star Trek is more your thing, you get the ENTERPRISE 1701-A, a Borg Cube, the U.S.S. RELIANT and a Vulcan Shuttle

What, you want more? How about a Valkyrie from Macross (in two configurations), and the Delorean from Back to the Future?

See all the models at SF PaperCraft Gallery
[Via Paper Forest via Craftzine]


Modular origami basics


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  1. Swarovski

    Cheers for the link this is the best find on a blog yet. I’m a huge StarWars fan cant wait to try the models with my nephews. With a bit of Jedi mind power they will be starwars fans by the time we have finished making ALL the models 😉 Cheers


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