Incredible Papercraft Transformer – Bumblebee

Papercraft Bumblebee Transformer

Here’s some incredible papercraft work – A chinese guy was so inspired by the new Transformers movie that he designed and built his own model of Bumblebee based on the movie robot!

This is amazingly detailed, and overwhelmingly complex – not only has he made what looks like hundreds of parts, but the model is articulated and poseable too!

As the man himself says:

“Cool”, the first word appears in my mind.

Papercraft Bumblebee Transformer - Finished

[via Paper Forest]


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  1. linh

    wow,that is cool!please share ma this robot link

  2. shafkaat

    hey dude…im shafkaat as it says…i just want to say tht the model is absolutely immaculate to me…i haven’t been intoo paper crafting for too long…in fact im at the nd of my first week, and the model has impressed and inspired me in more ways than anything esle…plz send me the design with detailed instructions…And my be some day i shall dare to mimic you what you have achieved already…good luck

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