Don’t Just Fold Paper, Fold Your Shirts Too

Eric over at [Origami Tessellations]( pointed me towards this cool [shirt folding machine](, made from a few pieces of cardboard

Cardboard Shirt Folding Machine

It’s deceptively simple, even though it looks very flashy – much like the classic Japanese method [How to Fold a Shirt](

The first few times I watched that, I kept feeling like I’d missed part of the video out – it starts with a flat shirt, and then all of a sudden, it’s folded. Watch it a couple of times and you get the hang of it though.

If there’s any point to all this, it’s that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just using paper for origami and papercraft. Embrace all the different materials out there – paper, foil, cellophane, textiles and more can all be used, and give very different results.


Beginner’s Origami Basics Series – Coming Soon


How to Make Square Paper for Origami


  1. i love this site it is the best origami webstie ever!

  2. Tom

    Wow folding your T-Shirts. I tried this many times I can get it right but not perfectly symetrical like the woman/man in the advert, they always make it look so easy.

    -Tom ^_^

  3. Quincy

    I’ve done that before, but i got it from my cousin who saw this.

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